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IBM WATSON for Oncology

Upgrading Cancer Care |Manipal Hospitals India 

IBM health introduces IBM Watson for Oncology which scales vital knowledge and helps oncologists to analyze symptoms and treat cancer patients.

This demonstration of IBM Watson Oncology, trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering showcase's Watson's unique capability to analyse a patients medical records to help identify for the clinician evidence based & personalized treatment options.

Manipal Hospitals and IBM Watson partners to bring a revolution to enhance Cancer treatment.

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Did you know that breast and ovarian cancer could be inherited? Know more through Genetic Testing!

Genes run in the family. So could cancer risk. All cancers are caused by changes in the genetic material called ‘genes’ in our body. Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer occurs because of inherited gene mutations.

What are the signs for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer?

If you or anyone in your family have been diagnosed with:

  1. Early onset of cancer (< 45 years)
  2. A history of multiple cancers in one individual
  3. Multiple family members across several generation affected with cancer
  4. Rare cancers.

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