Common Questions

1. Why Watson for Oncology?

We are in the era of evidence based medicine and nearly 122 new research papers get published in medical journals every day. Watson uses cognitive computing system designed to help our specialists give individualized treatment plans to patients in a few minutes that, would have otherwise taken months to come up with. Watson will analyze the patient’s medical data against a vast array of data and expertise from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer center.

2. What is Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer?

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) is the world’s oldest and largest private cancer center. The cancer center’s world-renowned oncologists have trained Watson to compare a patient’s medical information against a vast array of treatment guidelines, published research and other insights to provide individualized, confidence-scored recommendations to physicians. Watson’s natural language processing capabilities will enable the system to leverage unstructured data such as journal articles, physicians’ notes, and guidelines and best practices from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).

3. What is cognitive computing?

Cognitive computing is a new paradigm that helps computers to mimic the way a human brain works. Such artificially intelligent systems can read texts like journals and medical records like humans do, and they can understand new ideas and concepts. Just like our doctors don’t stop learning, these systems can improve on their existing knowledge and become smarter over time.

4. Great, now that I understand what a Watson for Oncology means. How can I get a Watson for Oncology consultation?

There are 2 ways to avail a Watson for Oncology consultation
a) At no extra cost: If you book an appointment and visit any of Manipal’s Medical Oncologists in Bangalore, Goa, Jaipur ,Vijayawada and Mangalore
b) At a cost: If you are unable to visit Manipal locations where Watson for Oncology is present due to any reason, for eg. There is no Manipal hospitals near your location. Then you can still avail a Watson for Oncology consultation by paying for it.

5. How can I purchase a Watson for Oncology consultation?

There are mainly 2 ways to purchase a Watson for Oncology consultation
a) You can purchase it on our Watson for Oncology website. Here is the link:
b) You can visit any of the locations where Watson is present

6. What are the types of cancers that are covered by Watson for Oncology?

Currently Watson provides treatment options for only 11 cancer types – Lung, Breast, Rectal, Colon, Gastric, Cervical, Ovarian, Prostate, Liver, Thyroid and Bladder Cancer.

7. How do I know if I’m eligible for Watson for Oncology reports?

There are 2 criterion's both of which have to be fulfilled for you to be eligible a) The basic eligibility criteria - To meet it you will have to be already diagnosed with any of the 11 Cancer types (Lung, Breast, Rectal, Colon, Gastric, Cervical, Ovarian, Prostate, Liver, Thyroid, Bladder).

8. How can I use the Watson for Oncology report?

The report can provide treatment options and plans along with timelines for treatment. It can also compare 2 treatments side by side. However, it does not diagnose a patient and the treatment options are suggestions only and do not replace an oncologist’s expert judgment.

9. How can I initiate a refund?

You cannot initiate a refund. Once payment is received a refund can be initiated only if you are found to be Watson ineligible for the Watson report/ consultation by the Clinical team at Manipal Hospitals.

10. How can I know the status of my Watson for Oncology report and consultation?

The status of your Watson for Oncology report and consultation will always be available once you sign in to the Watson website with your unique id and password. You can drop an email at

11. Can I come back for another Watson consultation after following the treatment plan given by Watson?

Yes, you can follow the same procedure as you did for your first Watson consultation but it will be at a nominal cost.

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